Stretch-a-leg Travel specializes in presenting and contextualizing New York City's rich history and vibrant culture for the Chinese traveler.

We focus on serving Chinese-speaking independent travelers seeking to explore the history and lesser known gems of New York City with a private guide.

Based on our deep understanding of a Chinese travelers perspective, we craft and design a custom itinerary. Then with the help of an expert guide, exploring New York City is an easy and rewarding travel experience and your guests will leave with lasting memories.


We will work with you to design a personalized itinerary for discovering the parts of New York City based on your guests specific preferences and interests.

From our 16+ years of working in the travel industry we have learned how to listen to the specific interests of each of our customers and how to deliver exactly what it is they hoped to discover.  

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Breaking down the big city into bite size pieces most relevant to the interests of your guests, each of our itineraries is completely customized to the different priorities of each of our guests.

Stretch-a-leg offers unconventional, nuanced, off the radar tours with great flexibility.
— Jan G, USA traveled with us in 2010


We will help your guests experience New York City through a local perspective with a certified New York City licensed expert guide.

With a personal passion for learning about New York City’s unique historical, cultural, architectural, and artistic stories we can offer our clients true depth and range of information.

Our local knowledge and versatile grasp on New York City’s history and culture, allows us to be flexible and accommodate changes during the trip ensuring your guests experience exactly what they hope to during their precious vacation time.

Stretch-a-leg strives to be as thorough, informative, and accommodating as possible.

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It’s not often expectations are exceeded to that extent
— Sidne Ward, USA, traveled with us in 2012


We understand the distinct perspective and set of cultural references Chinese travelers bring to their first trip to New York City or America.  

With this understanding, Stretch-a-leg helps Chinese travelers make sense of and appreciate New York City by providing the right context and appropriate background.

We understand what makes Chinese travelers feel comfortable, what is most unique about New York City from their point of view, and and how to make them truly feel like VIPs.

After running a high-end private and customized boutique travel company in Beijing for over a decade, Stretch-a-leg NYC has extensive experience in how to create the ultimate travel experience for independent travelers navigating an unfamiliar culture.

Give your guests lasting memories 

We know how to showcase the special little hidden gems and sides of a city that will leave a lasting impression and have your guests raving about their time in New York City.