Your Partner in Authentic Global Learning

We understand that top educational institutions now emphasize a more global curriculum, and students crave an authentic understanding of the world we live in today.  Stretch-A-Leg provides its guests with that coveted global perspective.


Private Cultural and Historical Custodians

Stretch-A-Leg Travel specializes in highly personalized walking tours of Beijing and the Great Wall.  Our guides go far beyond simple fact repeaters; they are teachers, translators, navigators, historians, and ambassadors.  They specialize on shining light on the city’s cultural and historical idiosyncrasies.  We pride ourselves on providing guests with a unique window into the heart of Beijing's history and culture.

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Responsive and Adaptive to Your Specific Needs

Stretch-A-Leg’s primary asset is our versatility and flexibility.  Our guides are extremely accustomed to adapting to guests’ needs over the course of the day as weather changes, clients tire, or want to alter their plans.  Similarly, our dedicated office team can set up a detailed itinerary for trips ranging from just a half-day at the Wall, to a full week trip, including hotel bookings, plane tickets, and transportation.

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Getting the Most of Beijing

Due to its size, congestion, and a complex language barrier, Beijing can be a grueling city to effectively explore and understand without a guide, especially when dealing with large groups. Our guides bring a scholarly approach to uncovering the nuances of Beijing’s history and culture.  Of course, our guides are also fluent English speakers who communicate clearly and authoritatively.

Client Testimonials

We are a private school in NYC. I took 15 students to China during last spring break and spent 4 days in Beijing. Tony from Stretch-A-Leg was our tour guide and he was AMAZING! ... Tony was very patient, nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Stretch-A-Leg for a tour in Beijing because you will have a unique and memorable experience. Enjoy your trip in China!
— Xueyang, USA traveled with us in 2014
Having Stretch-A-Leg’s care, insider’s perspective, good humor, and patience in explaining idiosyncrasies of the culture opened my eyes to the interesting details, wonderful qualities and character of Beijing.
— Annie, US Traveled with us in June 2013
There was excellent coordination and communication, as the guides were both informed on our itinerary and the history of the sites. This was the best trip ever! We were so informed and felt very safe and confident.
— Harold, US Traveled with us in June 2012
The friendliness, helpfulness, and organization of the guides was extremely professional. Even the snacks were great! The biggest strengths of the company were historic knowledge, friendliness and understanding, and were accommodating to our last minute needs and changes.
— Veronika, Traveled with us in March 2012