My family from China / Hong Kong came to NYC for a few days for my wedding. Some of them had visited NYC before, while others had never even been to the US. Some spoke English, but most spoke Mandarin. Some relatives were younger, and liked walking tours, but others were much older, and could not walk more than 3 blocks. Stretch-a-Leg Travel somehow figured out how to satisfy all my family members and their various needs and interests. They communicated with me in a timely manner, and we were able to figure out a super customized tour that was interesting to me (a 10yrs+ New Yorker) and still fun and engaging for my relatives (including 70yr-old aunts/uncles).

We were able to get a private shuttle, so we could hit parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a balanced amount of time walking vs. riding in the van. Our guide Tony had so many interesting facts, and was super professional to my family. My family can be very picky, but all of them were impressed with our guide, and everyone felt they got to know the city a lot better, and had a great time :) Would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting a tailored tour of the city.

_Christina F, June 2016

我家人从中国/香港来到纽约几天参加我的婚礼。其中一些家人曾经访问过纽约,而其他人从来没有去过美国。有些人说英语,但大多说普通话。有一些亲戚年轻,喜欢徒步旅行,但其他人年龄大,不能走超过3个街区。 StretchaLeg旅行某种程度上弄清了如何满足我所有的家庭成员和他们的各种需求和兴趣。他们与我及时沟通,我们能够找出一个超级定制的旅游,且对作为一个在纽约住了超过十年的我来说,仍然有趣,并为我的亲戚(包括70岁的姨妈/叔叔)。

因为有一个私人巴士,所以我们可以去到曼哈顿和布鲁克林的有趣之处, 并且可以在探访不行的途中在车子上歇脚。我们的导游Tony有特别多的有趣的关于纽约的历史事实及来龙去脉,对我的家人他是是超级专业的导游。我的家人很挑剔,但所有的人对他留下了深刻的印象,每个人都觉得他们都对这个城市有了更好的了解,也度过了一段美好的时光:)我肯定会推荐这家公司任何人想要一个定制的旅游的市。

_克里斯蒂娜, 2016年6月

In the early summer of last year, my wife and I went to New York to visit my daughter, son-in-law and little grandson. In our spare time, the daughter recommended that Tony to lead us in New York to visit a few off-the-beaten-path places in New York.

Compared with China's long history, these relics in New York are really nothing spectacular. However, by Mr. Chen's explanation and introduction, some of the historic events of how New York was funded still let us had an immersive feeling which brought us close to those historic events. 

Visit some of the well-preserved sites, standing more than 100 years ago is still beneficial to the benefit to the people living today on the grand project, one could not help but to the United States ancestors awe. 

Mr. Chen's understanding of the history of the United States in detail, explain the fascinating, and we truly benefited from the tour we did with him. Comparing with those type of tours rushing through the sights, his tour is very different. Tony offers an relaxed, in-depth tour to allow his visitor understand New York and the United States. Tour of this style should definitely worth recommending. 


_翁先生夫妇, 2016年6月


(We did) a half day tour and the itinerary was very well planed. For us the highlight of the tour is definately the commentary and stories from our guide. Our guide has a calm voice, yet cordial manor. His commentary was rich in content and covers history, humanities, architecture, art topics. Very enjoyable! We enjoyed having someone able to speak Beijing dialet and that made us felt particularly cordial! Tony is very professional and very good temperament!

New York definable has great choices for food, and Tony is definitely a gourmet who can be pointing you to great places if you tell him what you feel like to eat. We tried his recommended restaurant information rich, serious, intimate! ... We certainly would like (recommend his service), since he is such a rare professional!

_S. Y. Lee's family, Nov 2016




_李先生一家, 2016年11月